About Greener Cleaner L.A.

Greener Cleaner LA was formed in the Summer of 2008 to satisfy the current demands of people wanting an environmentally friendly cleaning service that’s hassle free, delivers immaculate customer service and works with quality cleaners. 

Our Promise

We promise to provide you with a detailed green cleaning experience so personal that you can’t help but call your place your Eco-Sanctuary.™

We have taken these demands and innovated the idea of a traditional cleaning company by using a 21st century approach to taking care of our customers and cleaners while also addressing the need to be socially and environmentally responsible. 

Our cleaners enjoy a vibrant work experience that fosters personal and professional growth. We allow our cleaners to challenge themselves with incentives given their ownership of their own service and happiness unseen anywhere else in the industry.  This enables our cleaners to perform at an extraordinary level with you, the customer, being the ultimate beneficiary

Our Customer Service operates with the simple ethos that our company’s sole reason for existence is to make our customer’s life a little easier.  If you never have to worry about cleaning again, we have met our objective.  Cleaning with Greener Cleaner LA is not only a positive experience, we strive to make it one of the most rewarding experiences that you have with any company.   Read our Customer Peace of Mind Guarantee.

We enjoy the position of being a visionary company and will continue to push for innovation for the benefit of our customers, the great people that work for us, and our community.

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