New Mommy Cleaning:  ____ Relieve fatigue and protect what’s most precious in this world.

Obtain a tranquilizing eco-sanctuary that aids you in the joyous demands of being a new mommy while protecting your little bundle of joy from the effects of adverse chemicals.


Our New Mommy Cleanings™ only use natural products that are baby friendly, free of toxic chemicals. To give your home an aura designed to reduce fatigue and stress we clean your home exclusively with natural products that contain lavender essential oil notes that are renowned world wide for their ability to soothe the senses.  


Baby Air & Floor Care

We give more emphasis to your nursery and make sure that all the dust and allergens are wiped away. Like all of our cleanings, we make sure that your floors are sparkling so that when the baby starts crawling around you wont have to worry.


Note: All cleanings can be adjusted dependent on individual needs.

For a complete list of what New Mommy Cleanings cover click here.


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