Eco-Bachelor Pad Cleaning:______ Energize your living space.


Modern Man

You should know by now that women dig when a man loves his mommy.  So show Mother Nature some consideration with an earth-friendly cleaning that is not devoid of swag.


Today’s modern man has environmentalist sensibilities. We know you take pride in your place. For this reason, we wouldn’t want to detract from its masculine character-- but we would like to refine it.



We greenify your pad using natural cleaning products with essential oil notes of basil , apricot leaves, parsley, and eucalyptus whose combination will give your place a crisp, clean and laid back contemporary feel.



We use Eco-Aromatherapy to purify your home’s air using essential oil notes of Clover, Coriander and Peppermint that gives your pad a sharp cool scent and completes your strong and modern eco-sanctuary.


Note: All cleanings can be adjusted dependent on individual needs.

For a complete list of what Eco-Bachelor Pad Cleanings cover click here.


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