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Careers @ GLA

We are always looking for talented individuals to join the ranks of the Greener LA Team. We are looking for highly motivated people who are looking to grow professionally and enjoy an energetic work experience filled with opportunities for personal growth along with excellent perks and profit sharing performance incentives.


Positions Available:

Go To Guy or Girl  &  Green Cleaning Professional


General Overview:

·        Brings value to the company in the form of immaculate customer service.

·        Fosters an excellent relationship with clients.

·        Is able to process information quickly and make quick decisions.

·        Is able to prioritize and balance assignments.


Personal Characteristics:

Skills:  Must have a pleasing personality.  Possesses Superior Time Management Skills,  Reasoning skills and  Leadership skills.  Minor Spanish fluency.  Excellent written communication skills. 

Experience:  Prior sales or supervisory experience helpful.

Education:  Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent.

Salary:  Dependent Upon Experience.  People with no experience also welcome to apply.


General Overview:

·         Maintains excellent relationships with clients.

·         Performs cleaning duties with in a professional manner.

·         Works as an independent contractor, provides their own hours of availability. Great for part time work.


Personal Characteristics:

Skills:  Must have pleasing personality. Reasoning skills.  Leadership skills.  Minor English fluency.  Written communication skills. 

Experience:  Prior cleaning experience, will be background checked and must have valid referrals.

Salary:  Dependent upon experience and correlates with the jobs they take on.


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