Simple as 1...2...3Great Cleaning, Great Service, Happy Customers.  

What we do is simple, give you hassle-free immaculate green cleaning performed by quality cleaners at a great price.  

In order to give you the consistent top notch cleaning that you love we expect all of our customers to follow these procedures:


We have a minimum of 2 hours of cleaning for the first Deep Clean and a minimum of 1.5 hours on regular visits.

We bill at $45 an hour per independent green cleaner. For recurring services, we bill at $40 per hour after the initial visit. For a quick estimate for your home or office click here.


If you're wondering how much a green cleaning with Greener Cleaner L.A. will cost you, here are some averages:


Size of Home          Deep Cleaning                 Weekly           Bi-weekly           
1 bed 1 bath             $180(min)-$225                    $120                 $160
2 bed 1 bath             $225-$270                            $160                 $200
2 bed 2 bath             $270-$315                            $200                 $240
3 bed 2 bath             $315-$405                            $240                 $280
3 bed 3 bath             $405-$450                            $280                 $320
4 bed 3 bath             $450-$540                            $320                 $360
4 bed 4 bath             $495-$585                            $360                 $400


Arrival Time:

- We have a 1 hour arrival time window for all visits. We always try an arrive early or on time to your appointment, but once in a blue moon there is unexpected traffic or an appointment before yours took longer because: They forgot to leave a key, had unxpected guests at home, had a spill or something extra they needed done, had a party over the weekend...etc. These things are out of our control and will eventually happen to you, so we appreciate that you be understanding. These things rarely happen, but they do happen, specially on Fridays.

- Offices and Live/Works are the exception, we will meet your time expectations for arrival and finishing times.

- We understand that those of you that have newborns or babies usually have them on strict schedule and we will do our best to always be on time.


Recurring Cleans:

- If you are flexible with your time of clean or have a time window when it can be done, please let us know. Our cleaners work their best when they don't feel rushed or pressured, just like anyone else.

- Vacations & Rescheduling: If you will be out of town or need to reschedule, please notify us at your earliest convenience. The sooner we know, the sooner we can adjust the schedule and avoid late arrival for other customers.

- We will try to send out the same crew each time.  Regardless, you're covered by our Peace of Mind Guarantee.

- We need a credit card on file because we have had some people that don't pay. They sadly exist. You can still pay your invoice online with any form of card,or pay by check or cash. You can pay online within 48 hours of your clean, If not paid, your card on file will be billed.

- We must have access to your home either by you being there, providing us a key or you leaving a key for us.


Let's get started!

1st)  Fill out an 2 minute eco-estimate to get an instant estimate for your home.


2nd) You'll quickly be contacted (choose by phone or e-mail) by a friendly Go-to-Guy/Girl who will go over the estimate and availability should you chose to schedule your Deep Cleaning (first cleaning).

3rd)  Choose which amazing Specialty Cleaning you want to receive.


4th)  Get ready for an awesome green cleaning experience!


Go here for our FAQ's


Note: All cleanings can be adjusted dependent on individual needs.

For a complete list of what cleanings cover click here.


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